Here you will learn the basics about ABBYY FlexiCapture intelligent document processing platform. The course will show you how to handle every type of document, from simple forms to complex documents, and every job size, from single documents to large batch jobs.

Our course consists of e-learning lessons with interactive content, video demonstrations, and detailed instructions to help students successfully complete hands-on tasks.

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Course duration: ~ 20 hours
Access duration: 365 days

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1. Introduction
2. System Architecture
3. Document Processing Stages
4. Document Definition
5. Workflow. Processing Stages. Input
6. Workflow. Processing Stages. Verification
7. Workflow. Processing Stages. Export
8. Project Setup. Batch Type
9. FlexiLayout Studio
10. Field Extraction Training
11. Final Survey
  • Duration :
  • Language : English
  • Format : Elearning
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